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Location: Online
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Enhance the purpose of your life and find your direction

It seems that our every day life has put insurmountable barriers between us and nature. Even if it was possible to overcome these barriers, we have become stuck in our habitual life and have put our soul into a cage. It cannot dance with the rain or experience sunset and the stars.
Scelo Mbatha will share some Soul Pigrimage journeys that will enhance the purpose of your life and help you to find your direction.

Have you been asking yourself how you can reconnect with your soul in this busy world? Have you wondered about self-exploration and learning more meaningfully about our life and other creatures that we share the world with?

Come join Scelo Mbatha online on a soul journey and explore the depth of yourself using pristine African Wilderness and African Wildlife as the organic medicine of our souls.

This is a journey online that will take you into the Animal kingdom, Rock Kingdom and Plant Kingdom and try to learn their wisdom, This will help you to integrate with your soul in the comfort of your home with your friends, family and kids.

What you'll get..

  • Animal Kingdom: Learning the wisdom of the animals such as elephants, Rhinos, Buffalos and other predators we may encounter, embrace these encounters at home and obtain a meaningfully wisdom from them.
  • Rock Kingdom: Learning about minerals of the great mother earth and how they can nourish our souls.
  • Plant Kingdom: Learning about plants and flowers and their medicinal usages for us.
  • Soul integration with the sound of the African Wilderness

What people are saying about Scelo

My Wilderness experience was so deep and meaningfully, The trip itself gave me the freedom of the soul, while Scelo”s information about the wilderness touched the depth of my soul, he has obtained his enormous knowledge about the wilderness and the spiritual power of nature in teachings.

Geseko von Lüpke


A gentile giant of the bush, a handsome soul with humility thanks for taking us into the womb of Great Mother Earth again.

Pete Jensen and Christa

His light shines so bright that it draws everyone who encounters him into his world of story.
His kownledge and experience not just about the wilderness, but also about life and the deeper connection allows him to guide people in a very empathic way.

Elisabeth Demeter

Nature Mentor

About your Guide

My name is Sicelo Mbatha, founder of Umkhiwane Ecotours. For many years, I have been leading wilderness trails in Imfolozi Game Reserve. I have introduced hundreds of tourists to our wildlife, and I have seen how precious this experience is for them. But the people of my own community have not had this opportunity, even though they live close to the game reserve. uBizo Lwemvelo (The Call of the Wild) is a program to  give young adults from the communities bordering Imfolozi Game Reserve a wilderness experience that will transform their lives, and help to foster a deep commitment to conserving our wild life and wilderness areas.

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