Let’s be wild again!

What knowledge has been lost over time? What craft still has special importance now – or again? And how can we live closer with nature and our own personal roots?

These questions and many more are in the focus of the association Wild Roots (dt.: Verein Wilde Wurzeln). We are an association of people who collect and pass on their knowledge and experience of ancient, nature-loving customs and principles. Thereby it is above all about DOING and IMPLEMENTING. We inform you about a colorful mixture of offers from many nature-loving people around us, and give interested people the opportunity to do.

We also provide a platform for people who want to share their knowledge and experience to exchange ideas with other like-minded people.

Important topics for us are mainly:

  • Nature connection
  • Environmental awareness
  • Crafts
  • Wilderness training
  • Plant knowledge
  • Connection to all levels of being

We welcome new members offering events and interested visitors to these events.

You can also support our work by sending us a donation via Paypal:

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