Wild Week – Nature and Being

On-Premise Program

Next Dates:
01.09.-03.09.2023 Wild Weekend
01.09.-07.09.2023 Wild Week

Location: Winden am See, Austria


Week: Adults 560€, incl. food
Weekend: Adults 240€, incl. food

Become your wild, intrinsic self

Do you feel somehow trapped in your everyday life?
Always the same thing in different packaging?
Your head is spinning thought loops and you somehow feel like you're in a dead end?
In your family or in your relationships, the same problems come up again and again, and even if you thought, it's clear, the next incident shows you that this is probably not the case?

Then it's time for something new!

Come into the forest and let go of everything else. Become your wild, intrinsic self. Or at least get to know him/her/them a little ;-).

Experience how living outside for more than a few hours affects you and your environment. Learn to express exactly what is going on inside of you right now. Whether you want to follow your enthusiasm and chase after a butterfly, finally become a kid again and play with your kids at eye level, stare into the fire all evening, or just yell at a tree.

By being outside and immersed in nature, you allow your body to feel alive. This brings you closer to your core, and reminds you what is really important to you.

What we will do depending on interest:

  • Making fire without matches
  • sleeping below the stars
  • cooking on an open fire
  • "burning" bowls and spoons
  • roam and explore the forest
  • build a primitive shelter
  • Make string from nettle or other natural materials
  • Orienteering outdoors
  • Telling stories around the campfire
  • and a lot of other games that we can think of...

I have observed it over and over again with others and also with myself that when we take a step to the side and venture into the unknown, life gives us new experiences and perspectives so that we can shape and live our lives more and more according to our true needs and values. And especially the deep immersion experiences in nature enable us to hear our inner voice, our inner compass so we can follow our path.

We open all our senses and learn to respond both resiliently and flexibly to external changes in order to bring our valuable contribution to the world. In doing so, we enable a natural balance to be restored for all living beings.

This program is for you if...

  • ... you like to be outside, and want to get to know the world around you better
  • ... you want to experience adventures, and at the same time get to know yourself and everyone else better
  • ... you are curious and open for things and experiences that are completely new to you
  • ... you also like to spend time with children (your own or others)

This program is NOT for you if...

  • ... you want to be entertained first and foremost, but are not open to really get involved yourself
  • ... you do not want to leave your comfort zone
  • ... you are not interested in a respectful relationship with animals and plants
  • ... you prefer to do things on your own and don't like to get to know other people

Apart from the main focus of becoming "wilder" again and a basic framework program around food and hygiene, the week has no fixed schedule. This will be adapted according to the needs and interests of the participants. As possible program points, see the list above in the text.

Start is with arrival, camp set up and dinner.
End is around noon or early afternoon.

We will be in the forest of the Leithagebirge near Winden am See in Burgenland, Austria. Minimal primary infrastructure (compost toilets, water in troughs) will be provided.

Your Guides

Elisabeth Demeter

chairwoman, seminar organization, guide, webpage

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