Terms and conditions

1. organizer

Verein Wilde Wurzeln – Verein zur Förderung und Verbreitung alten Wissens, Wirkens und Werkens

2. services

The scope of each event is defined in each of their descriptions.

For every execution of events that are offered through Verein Wilde Wurzeln, we reserve the right to changes and deviations of specific services – even after the conlusion of the contract – as long as those changes or deviations don’t decisively change or affect the general topic of the booked event. Collateral agreements and changes of specific services and costs of an offer initiated by the customer need to be confirmed through Verein Wilde Wurzeln.

3. conclusion of contract

With the registration for an event, the participant offers the organizer the closing of a contract for the participation of an event.

The registration can be made verbally, by telephone, by internet or written (also informal).

Special requests and registrations that are linked to a condition, require a written consent of the organizer (e.g. via e-mail). The contract comes about with the acceptance through Verein Wilde Wurzeln, whereby no specific form is needed for that. With the registration the customer recognizes, that they are fully responsible for their own actions and possible consequences in the setting of the event. Is the customer not the participant, the responsibility lies with the customer, to relay this approval to the person/parties concerned.

4. duty of cooperation

At events with children and/or adolescents, the responsibility always stays with the accompanying person of the group. The Verein Wilde Wurzeln is responsible for the operation of the event. Responsibilities for children and adolescents beyond that require previous agreements.

5. liability

Participants are obligated to follow the safety instructions of Verein Wilde Wurzeln or the respective seminar facilitator. With the registration, they recognize, that they are fully responsible for their own actions and possible consequences in the setting of the event. In case you are faced with health-related risks, please inform the organizers in due time.

6. registration confirmation, terms of payment

The invoice serves as registration confirmation for the event. After receiving the invoice, the full invoice amount is to be paid to the organizer within 14 days, but at least 3 days before the event starts. Relevant for the timeliness of the payment is the receipt of the payment for the organizer.

We accept the following comfortable modes of payment:

7. underage participants

In case there are underage persons participating, the registration needs to be signed by a legal guardian. In case of children without having an accompanying adult, the legal guardian is obligated to inform the seminar facilitator of any health restrictions (e.g. allergies) in writing. With their signature, the legal guardian confirms, that the child is able to attend the event. Deviations have to be disclosed to and discussed with the seminar facilitator.

In case that children are accompanied by an adult, the facilitators of the event are released of their supervisory duties of the children. These supervisory duties lie with the adult/legal guardian.

Gross negligance of the child (recurring disregard of the safety instructions, conscious causing of harm) have the consequence that the child will be barred from the event.

8. stimulants & distractions

Since the topic of many events of the organization are about consciously engage oneself in the experience, the consummation of certain stimulants and distractions are prohibited at our events, unless otherwise explicitly allowed. This is particularly necessary, since some things, substances and actions affect the conscious experience and lead to the desired effect of the seminar not to unfold or be impeded.

These stimulants and distractions include: drugs, alcohol, portable computer games and phones – during the time in the group.

Any deviation from that rule needs to be clarified with the seminar facilitator(s).

9. costs of the events, leisure- and vacation programs

During the attendance of an event, costs of materials can arise. These costs of materials have to – if not otherwise mentioned – be paid by all the participants individually. This includes travel expenses, accommodation, food, various materials, admission fees, etc. These material costs can vary strongly depending on the event.

Additional costs can also arise for support or assistance.

10.cancellation policy

A cancellation has to be conveyed in writing to the organizer. Relevant for the timeliness of the cancellation is the receipt of the message through the organizer. In case a participant cancels an event contract, the Verein Wilde Wurzeln can charge compensation for the preliminary preparations and occurred expenses. This compensation can be estimated by the Verein Wilde Wurzeln as follows:

  • Cancellation up until 20 days before the start of the event: free
  • Cancellation up until 10 days of the start of the event: 50% of the participation fee needs to be paid
  • Cancellation less than 10 days before the start oft he event (or after): 100% of the participation fee needs to be paid (this also applies to agreed upon instalment payments)

The cancellation fees are dropped, if the participant can nominate an appropriate replacement participant, who will – after clarification with the event facilitator(s) – participate in their stead. The original participant stays liable for the participation fee, but can relay the cost to their replacement.

11. higher force

In case the event is considerably complicated, threatened or impaired due to an unforeseeable higher force that was not expected at the conclusion of the contract, both Verein Wilde Wurzeln and the participants can terminate the contract. If the contract is terminated, Verein Wilde Wurzeln can request adequate compensation for the already performed services.

Covid-19 appendix

If you live in a country, where policies due to the Covid pandemic restrict you from travelling to the country where the event is taking place, your participation fee will be completely refunded for that aspect of the seminar, event or training that is taking place in that country,  unless otherwise stated in the description of the event.

12. rights of use

The designs, ideas and concepts presented by Verein Wilde Wurzeln are intellectual property of Verein Wilde Wurzeln or of the respective seminar facilitator (depending on the originator) and are not allowed to be used or implemented – not even partially – without explicit approval of the originator.

13. Datenschutz

Collection and electronical processing of all personal data is done in accordance with legal data protection regulations. We only collect personal data that is necessary to secure the participation and bookkeeping. Details can be found in the privacy policy

14. rights of use for pictures

At our events it can happen, that the facilitator (or someone instructed by the facilitator or organizer) will take pictures or film parts of the event. For the publication of fotos, extra consent will be gathered from the participants, which can be revoked at any time.

15. safeguarding clause

In case that one or more regulations of these contractual terms are invalid, the validity of the remaining contractual terms is not affected.